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here [Thursday|| February 23rd, 2006 5:18pm]

Hey girls! I just found this community so i guess that makes me a newbie here! I recently moved to the Waco area. and Im just looking for some cool new people to talk to. no relationship stuff. Just some friends:)
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[Wednesday|| November 2nd, 2005 11:38am]

Name: fox
Age: 19
Location:(major city or your town) addison (dallas area)
Status:(single or dating) dating ^__^
School:(college/highschool) none at the moment
Job:(you don't have to answer) stay at home mommy

Food: anything italian or chinese
Movie: office space, big lebowski, anchorman
Song: "good riddance" and "the only difference between martyrdom and suicide is press coverage"
Singer: brendan urie
Actress: kirsten dunst, audrey tautou
Thing to do: spend time with my daughter and time with my loverface, duh. ^__^ other than that, i like music, cooking, and movies.

Newbie [Monday|| October 17th, 2005 1:34pm]

[ mood | lonely ]

Name: Cat
Age: 21
Location:(major city or your town) Irving(right outside Dallas)
Status:(single or dating) dating long distance
School:(college/highschool) not at the moment
Job:(you don't have to answer) Pier 1 imports clearance

Food: chinese
Movie: victor/victoria, but im a cheerleader, better than chocolate, or any kevin smith movie
Song: Possession by Sarah McLachlan
Singer: Sarah McLachlan
Actress: Clea Duvall or Angelina Jolie
Thing to do: talk to my g/f on the phone

im boring, i know


hmmies [Thursday|| October 13th, 2005 10:40am]
[ mood | creative ]

so i just wanted to say whats up? nm goin on here. We really do need to livin things up in here. i changed the background and everything in here. if you have more ideas just let me know, k? or even if u want to make the background urself. also if anyone knows any events coming up locally let me know. we need to put them on the calendar. im going to start adding things sometime this week. but for the meantime lets try to promote this group a lil more, k?
much love,


Hey [Tuesday|| October 11th, 2005 4:24pm]

Hey I know it's been awhile since I posted in here. Sorry to leave ya hangin Candy, but I'll try and keep y'all as updated as possible. Love you guys.
I'm out,

THE CLOSET!!! [Thursday|| October 6th, 2005 8:39pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Hey anyone if you are around the Killeen area hit up the closet tonite for their one year anniversary! I'll be there along with some friends so come say hi! Admissions free!


last time i swear [Thursday|| June 9th, 2005 2:35pm]
I'm selling this item on ebay. its two astroworld tickets for a total of 60.00 cant go wrong there. just its only got an hour left :(. heres the link!

sorry for it being x-posted

Austin's Gay Pride Parade 2005 [Tuesday|| April 26th, 2005 11:38pm]

I found out information for this years Gay Pride Parade! its June 4 at 8pm, but to march in it, we need to have a group. its $50 per group to march, but we need to have a group together and registered my may 6th or else we have to pay a $100 late registration fee. i think having to pay for it in the first place is a bit rediculous, but i'd like to do it and if we got a lot of people together, splitting the cost wouldn't be that bad. i mean, if we have 10 people, its just 5 bucks each. but i'm hoping to get more people than that.

anyways, if you are interested in doing this, or if you have friends that want to do it, let me know ASAP! i don't want to march alone and have to pay $50 to do it. pass it on to your friends!


^*^ thats the website, but i didn't think it helped all that much as far as information.

comment, email, or call if you want to go!
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X-posted! March 26th what u got planned? [Thursday|| March 17th, 2005 2:06am]
[ mood | calm ]

Ok. This coming saturday I was thinking since I didn't get a damn day off for my weekend cause my manager sucks ass and thinks since its easter weekend EVERYONE has to work (knowing we have well over the amount of employees like over 400 of them to cover atleast one or two shifts) but anyhow yeah I don't get a day off and I of course don't get to go to houston like i had planned on. I was thinking anyone or everyone that can and lives close around Temple/Waco we can meet up and maybe go to Rumors in temple(i know its not the best gay place around but u do get in free last time i went before 1 and its a fun place to just chill and drink at and play pool!) so i was thinking we can go there and hangout saturday nite? You guys get together and throw ideas around, even ones I dont know in person are welcomed to go. I kinda wanted to go to dallas to the gay clubs up there, so if you guys can make plans or something to where we can meet up at and go I'd love to go! It'll be saturday the 26th of March. But do keep in mind I have to work that sunday at 1 I believe so whatever I do I need to atleast be woken up by 9 to get my ass home or even drive home that nite. So let me know, k?

Also to the ones around dallas area if you know any places that are good to kick it at and have fun(gay related please) let me know. I kinda wanna take a couple shots before I go into the club cause I'm only gonna be 20 so also make sure the place is 18+ cause I'll be bringing some friends with me, too.


another show [Thursday|| March 3rd, 2005 9:12am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

I know its late notice, but if anyone is looking for anything to do this weekend and you want to take a drive down to san marcos, the show i'm stage managing opens tonight and runs thru satruday night. its called Three Days of Rain. its at 7:30pm in the Texas State University Theatre building. coming off I-35, you exit 206 Aquarina Springs and head west. you go down quite a way and you will veer left. you will then see a large red brick round building to your right surrounded by a moat. thats the theatre. you will again veer right onto University Drive and take your first right onto Moon St. park anywhere. tickets are $8. its a great show to come see.


Hey guys! [Thursday|| March 3rd, 2005 1:07am]
Hey! I haven't posted in here in a while! Sorry! I've been through alot over the past few months. Anyhow, just wanted to see how everyone was doing in this community? I saw that we do have a few new members. Thats always a plus. You guys know anything coming up soon? I think some of my friends and I might go to Texas Rumors in Temple saturday or Friday nite. I'm not sure. It depends on if they are going or not. If not I might go with my Gay boy hehe. So just if u wanna meet up or something feel free to go there? It's I believe on friday nights free til one? and on sat i know is 6 bux for underage :) anyhow i gots to jet! just thought id say hi and see how everyone is doing? love ya!

nightfall in the ATX [Friday|| January 7th, 2005 4:42pm]

[ mood | excited ]

ok, so if anyone else wants to go to exodus tonight... we are meeting at taco c in gateway at 10. or you can meet us there... its at 6th and san jacinto. call my cell if you want... 971-7253!

bout to get off work in 30 minutes and go spend time with my lauren, then go home and nap until i need to get up to get ready to go to taco c. tonight should be fun, i hope. then i have an interview with blockbuster at 2pm tomorrow, then spending saturday night at lauren's hopefully.

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hey girlys! [Thursday|| January 6th, 2005 1:03pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Hey sup? I'm back on here. LoL. I've been typing lately on my journal too. I just haven't been able to get to my community, cause I've been tied up in alot of stuff like going to Utah(biggest mistake of my life) and trying to pass school(which I did with mostly' d's lol) and moving back home(cause my ex roommate was a bitch and cancelled my lease and I had to be out in three days).
So yah. Here I am. Back in Waco/Temple. I am going back to school at Temple College. Trying to get my associates degree this year. Then I might be going to Austin or Dallas. I might just go to Austin cause I know the town more. By the time I go I'll be 21 too! yay! haha. Ok well just wanted to say hi to everyone. Theres some newbies on here but they haven't done the profile thingy, but thats okies. Just try to do it so we can get to know ya! Ciao!


[Tuesday|| November 9th, 2004 12:42pm]

if anyone is interested, there is a show in austin fridays thru sundays until the 21st of november. its 18+, sorry. but if anyone who is 18+ wants to see it, let me know and maybe we could go one night. here's the info...

This and That Theatre presents:
The Vampire Lesbians of Sodom vs. The Well of Horniness
Fridays thru Sundays at 7pm, doors at 6pm.
Xtreme at Sidekicks, 110 Riverside Dr.
$12 General Admission ($8 ACOT/Seniors/Students)

so let me know if you are free before november 21st and want to go see it.

-:|:-...My Profile...-:|:- [Wednesday|| October 20th, 2004 4:13pm]

Name: Kris
Age: 18
Location: San Marcos, TX
Status: dating a wonderful girl
School: Texas State University freshman
Job: need one

Food: italian
Movie: 10 Things I Hate About You, Boys Don't Cry, Bound
Song: Behind Blue Eyes-the Limp Bizkit version
Singer: Chris Carrabba
Actress: Angelina Jolie
Thing to Do: Sleep, hang out with Lauren, hang out with friends, make things

So yeah, I'm new here, but I'm not a hardcore lesbian. I consider myself to be bisexual, but I do have a fabulous girlfriend right now, Lauren. She is my first real girlfriend. I had messed around with girls before, but never dated.

And I kind of need some advice on something. How am I supposed to come out to my mom? I mean, I have no idea how she will react, and she's paying part of my college tuition. My dad is gone, but he would have been the accepting one. What do you suggest I do?

x-posted [Tuesday|| September 14th, 2004 12:36am]
well mhm.....lol i dont have a way to post pics up on here but if u would like to see who i am and my mhm "weirdass" pics then go to my photoalbum. i would put recent pics up the most recent ones are from august. but my webcams sick and i havent been able to call the doc for it but i am tomorrow cause they better send my ass a new one! but here ya go enjoy!

and yes theres some of my nipple ring on there so psh dont be offended i like to flaunt what i have paid a pretty penny for which i didnt pay for the piercing my bestfriend did but yah she rox!



yah what a week [Wednesday|| September 8th, 2004 10:27am]
[ mood | awake ]

So. I've been busy lately, kinda? I am so looking for a job right now, too. I think promark is wanting to hire me. But I heard alot of people get hired there cause everyone quits. Well, not me. I have to stick to a job and if its calling people to do surveys on the phone, then so be it. I have to do it. I'm really bored right now. This weekend was eventful. Alot of shit happend from Thursday nite. I ended up missing class friday. Worked the football game Saturday(which was alot of fun!) then i went home saturday nite. I got to see my baby girls from home. Their the ones in the icon I have on this post. Other than that yah everything else has gone really smoothly lately. Stonewall meetings tonite. Theres this chic in there I kinda like....so we'll see. I've also been talking to my ex gf holly alot lately. She wants to fly me up to utah in a couple of weeks to see her. I don't know if I can do that. Like put myself in a position I am going to get hurt by. We'll have to see. My friend laura says I shouldn't go.....so yah. Hmmies. I dunno I'm just really confused by her. And I can't date her ever again just because its like shes hurt me alot. She's cheated on me, and we live way too far apart. Anyways yah other than that I think thats it. I'm so not trying to look for a chic to date but I want to find someone I can confind(sp?) pretty soon. So, I think I'm going to wait it out and see what comes my direction? I think thats whats best to do. I know theres like two chics I kinda like but I don't think I can date one of them. Just because yah theres alot of drama taht will come with it. The other one I'm not sure of yet. I still have to get to know her yknow? So yah Aite I'm out I have class in a few. I swear I'll try to update more often. I know I haven't lately. And I think the dramas over with on my main journal on here so I'll prob start posting on there again. More than likely I am going to just copy and paste this right here onto there. Ciao.


ya....enjoy? [Saturday|| September 4th, 2004 1:30am]
So hmm lets see. I've slept all damn day. I totally missed classes today too. I really regret it. I'll have to bust my ass off in them next wednesday and get the notes from someone else for todays. Lastnite was really eventful. I had gone hanging out with everyone over at brits then I went over to jeremys and hung out. then back to brits and thats when it got really eventful. i was pretty drunk lastnite. im mad at myself for driving home once again. but i knew i could handle it so i went ahead adn came home at 430ish in the morning. my ex holly woke me up at 3ish. i dunno whats goin on with me and her im glad im talkin to her again but i feel im gonna let my heart go to her again and i cant do that.

I feel to blame for some stuff lastnite that went down. EVERYONE and their mothers say its not my fault at all, she would've found some other way to do it, but you gotta understand where im coming from with all of it too. i bought the razors over a week ago. then i told her when we were talkin that i am not going to cut no more especially after what we did the week before. that i was doing it with her cause i was drunk at the time and i had stuff on my mind to and i felt she needed someone there with her that nite to do it. i was really stupid to do it. i should've been the one that stopped her that nite and never even bought the razors. then just maybe she wouldnt have done it lastnite. cause she sat there and told me she was done too. gah i dunno i dont want to be wound up by all of it cause i can see how its not really my fault, but then again no one can really see why it is my fault.

other than that i cant wait til i go home tomorrow nite. im leaving here around 830ish 9ish. i wont get home til like 11-12ish at nite but itll be worth it cause ill have all day sunday with my family and the kids. i cant wait to see gracie and cissy and meagan :-D there my babys and then of course ali, victoria, and jamie the other three sisters hehe their my angels too. of course my mom has all six of them right now plus my brother and i have no idea how she does it....so ya anyhow yay for going home. im gonna go to sams club with my folks and get bulks of what i need. i know i need a big box of tampons :-D haha just wanted to share that with everyone. and then i need some bottled waters. hey atleast im not paying for them :-D lol my parents will be. and maybe my family and i can go to the mall sunday and get me some new clothes. im debating on if i should take my school books home or not just because i dun really need to, and i really want to relax and enjoy my weekend. er we'll see. aite im headed out for now. im extremely bored so ima watch some tv. yay! uh yah. aite later guys *mwah*



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just wanted to update cause im THAT NICE :-D [Wednesday|| September 1st, 2004 8:47am]
So, im sitting in the computer lab, fixin to head to history, sometime in the future :-\ of the next twenty minutes. so like im extremely tired. not really. just really bored. dude everytime I smoke a cig now I feel sick. Maybe its a sign to stop. I am stopping slowly. YAY for me. Other than that I was gonna have some friends come over this friday nite but I believe the majority of them dogged mah ass. Which sucks. So fuck'em I'll make new and betta plans. I have to go to Conroe after I drop Tiffany off at the house to get my moms checked cashed. Then I'm gonna go to starbux! YAY! I am in need of some starbux, i really am. I've been downloading the l word the past few days and I'm obssessed with it. Shanes the hottest chic on there and I drool over her I swear I do....Other than that lets see...hmmies. I have been good the past week. I got to find a job somewhere though and somewhere I know I'm gonna stick with it and like it. I have to work the football game coming up this saturday so thats no biggie. OH and tonites stonewall!!! I'm so excited though cause I heard theres alot of new fresh faces in there this year! YAY for newbies. Maybe I'll find my true love? JUST KIDDING. Anyhow yah I've been like kinda weird lately, cause I don't have a gf right now and I'm just mellowed out in a way over it. It really kinda just SUX to not have one yknow? Someone I can joke and play with and whatever I want to do. And also have spontaneous breakout moments of hot and wild kinky sex? MAYBE just MAYBE uh yah anyhow I needa get goin pretty soon. I hope no ones watching me type this cause that'd just be too weird. BY now they think I'm some freaking lunatic that likes crazy ass sex and yah. I think I'm going through sexual frustration :-\ anyone wanna help me with that one? I NEED SEX!!! haha uh later.


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Hello! [Sunday|| August 29th, 2004 3:53pm]

[ mood | lonely ]

Hi, ya'll!

Candy just posted and I figured I should too. Besides, I need some love advice...

Jamie and I met last December over the internet and met in person later. We have been together roughly for 8 months, though we broke up a month or so in there.

We love each more than life but here's the deal:

I have been suffering through depression the last few months--terrible days and nights where I cry over nothing and just want to end it. I hate being alone. Jamie used to live in Cali and I went to school in Mass. (where I'll be returning in a week). So we would rarely see each other but when we did, damn, it was so perfect.

I seemed to get worse over the months and it effected our relationship a lot.

Now, add the whole thing of jealousy. Being so far didn't help my jealousy issues. And I didn't deal with anything well. Like she wasn't out completely (I was her first gf) and so she'd "cover" by going out with guys sometimes. And it didn't mean anything, but still, it hurt, you know?

And then we broke up and she turned super-gay. Like she got lots of lesbian friends, became more out, dressed gayer, and got a gf (one a lot less femme than me). So when we decided to give it another shot, I had all these girls to deal with.

She in turn had to deal with the fact that while we were apart, I got a bf who I lost my guy-virginity to. I was trying so hard to get over her that I tried to get intimate really fast with someone opposite her. It didn't work. I came running back.

She said they mean nothing and they know about me, but they're flirtatious and her ex isn't over her leaving her for me. I found e-mails (I know, I shouldn't have snooped) from some girl who was just all lovey dovey with her and Jamie wrote back kinda leading her on. Now, I guess she knows about me and so whatever, but it STILL HURTS...I consider it cheating. What do ya'll think?

We broke up. This was while I was visiting her in Lubbock this past weekend (I'm in Houston for the summer). We had a major fight, almost made it work, and then decided right as I was about to board the plane, to be friends.

How does someone handle the jealousy? She's not willing to give up all these friends who want her. She can't see how much it hurts me to see all these other girls who she says mean nothing, but who I find to be taking a part of her away from me.

We love each other a lot but this is the major roadblock. I'm dealing with my depression issues but now it's even worse that we're not together...

I have major issues with jealousy and my temper and I've said things in the past I can't take back as well as done things not-so-smart. So what do we do?

There may not really be an answer, huh? But any advice will help. I love her more than life but I want to stop the pain for both of us. I don't want to break her heart and want her breaking mine. Is there a way around this or what?


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